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Others is a one player game for exploring the world of those we see as different than ourselves. The game encourages us to look at people we see as different from us and ask questions about them. This one player experience will not ask us to directly engage with the Others, only to look at them.

Based on research and studies on how we perceive others, and how we value people like ourselves, Others is a series of exercises designed to help us humanize each other. It is a simple, accessible exercise. 

CW: Othering


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hi, I can't seem to find Others in the Racial Injustice bundle! The search tools don't pull anything up. 😢

That's strange! Other folks have been downloading it. I  know on Others page it mentions being part of the bundle and to click here to go to the bundle and download the games. Have you tried talking to itch help? I don't really have influence over the bundle or how it tracks games. 

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Likewise doesn't show up in searches for me either.
Something's gone wrong somewhere.

Edit: Okay, so searching "Others" or "Other" doesn't show it, but searching "Oth" did.
No idea why that's the case. 

Well that's whacky. I can send codes to anyone who needs them. Just ping me or email me at kate (at) bluestockings (dot) ca


This is a really interesting exercise.  I do activist and volunteer work in a rural area of the US where there is a lot of overt racism and we're trying to come up with ideas on how to combat that.  Would you mind if I used this to lead a group exercise in my work?  I would definitely credit you and I wouldn't be passing out printed copies of it.


Yes please! Use away! Print  copies if you want to! I can put into a printable booklet for you if that would be easier for you. Let me know what you need! 

Thank you very much!  I think the pdf on here will be enough.