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Remember Me  is a two player game exploring the role of memory in our identities, specifically the memories others  have of us. Players take on the roles of two people who have and may still care deeply for one another, who describe the other through a memory. They listen, ask questions, and fully flesh out the memory before the listener decides if they believe their companion and integrate the memory, or if they reject it.

These memories are  used to come to a decision on who they are as a person.

This game is based upon my experience as a trauma victim whose memory functions poorly and I am often told memories about myself I can no longer really remember, or only hold emotional memory of. 

Content warnings: Memories, memory manipulation (consensual), memory questioning;  some questions and expansions of the memory may feel like gaslighting, although not intended as such.  If struggling with memory is a trigger for you, please do not proceed with this game. Memories themselves are not based on traumatic events and are not about abuse, unless the players wish to engage with that material.

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AuthorKate Bullock
GenreRole Playing
Tags2player, analog, Tabletop


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Remember Me is an 18 page, two-player rpg that deals with trauma and reconstructing yourself through others' memories. It is played with d6s and index cards.

There are safety mechanics included to help manage a subject like this, but they're predictive (lines and veils) rather than reactive (x-card,) so you may want a back-up mechanic to deal with stuff you didn't predict being a problem.

Gameplay-wise, Remember Me has a bit of an odd structure (at least for an rpg.) Taking turns, each player describes an event that the other player's PC was involved in but doesn't remember. The events involve both PCs, and are usually noteworthy moments in their relationship, and the PC recounting the memory may choose to lie about it. By a similar token, the PC listening to the memory may choose to reject it.

This "the truth about your character can only come from another player" is a significant departure from how almost every other rpg I've seen handles things, and creates a genuine sense of unsettledness.

The layout is also really extremely gorgeous, with a background on page seven that feels like it's from one of those children's books everyone remembers into adulthood.

I would recommend Remember Me strongly to anyone who wants to experience that kind of uncertainty, or who is interested in a relationship-based rpg with an unusual two-directional power dynamic, or who wants a framework that could be used for a really solid cyberpunk or post-human story.